Idli Spice Powder (Gun Powder/ Karam Podi/ Idli Podi)

One of my friends Neha was asking for this recipe, and I have clicked pics for her while preparing it. When I have pics with me I thought why don’t I write a post on it. This recipe was shared by my father in law. He was a chef by profession, during the very less time we spent with him, he shared many cooking tips. He passed away a year after my marriage. I miss him. He is a wonderful person. I always loved to catch a chat with him, and he would share his experiences and his kids’ childhood memories. My hubby might have inherited all his qualities and patience from his father, hubby doesn’t cook though other than making tea, hahahaha.


Urad Dal – ¾ cup

Chana Dal – ¾ cup

Tur Dal – ¾ cup

Dry Red Chillies – 9 (remove the stem)

Curry Leaves – 3 springs (wash fresh curry leaves, pat dry them with cloth and dry them under fan)

Tamarind – take about size of lemon (remove if any outer shell and debris)

Garlic Cloves – 8 without skin

Salt – as per taste

Karam Podi


Dry roast urad dal, chana dal, tur dal and dry chillies seperately.

Gun Powder1Gun Powder2

Gun Powder3Gun powder4

  • Dry roast curry leaves until they are crisp and tamarind seperately. If climate is not humid, then roasting of tamarind can be skipped.

Gun powder 5Gun powder 6

  • Grind together roasted turdal, chana dal, urad dal, dry red chillies, curry leaves and salt to a coarse powder.
  • Now add tamarind and grind again.
  • Add the garlic pods and grind. Powder should be bit coarse.

Gun powder7Gun powder8

  • Store in an air tight container.

Idli podi

Spicy idly powder with or without oil/ghee, goes well with idly, dosa, rice or sprinkle some on upma, tastes best with ghee. It saves me time on busy mornings as I can skip preparing chutney.

It will last for more than two months, but better to consume within a month or two. If you stay in humid climate like me better to store in refrigerator. As per our taste quantity of some ingredients can be adjusted like dry chillies, tamarind, garlic or salt.

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  1. Neha Agrawal says: Reply

    Awesome Recipe.!!!

    1. Thank you Neha, glad that you like it.

  2. Henry Eastridge says: Reply

    Pappula podi is a versatile spiced powder that enhances the flavor profile of vegetarian dishes lending them a unique taste. Most vegetables on the likes of okra, eggplant, ivy gourd and bitter gourd taste remarkably good when seasoned with Pappula podi.

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