Lotus Herbals – Colour Dew Nail Enamel Pink Flirt Swatch

Hello ladies,

My new obsession is Lotus nail paints. This is the first time that I bought Lotus herbals nail polish, also I got a nail polish almost after a year or two.  Ahhh don’t be surprised, how could I be without a nail polish for so long. I work from home and a busy mom of a toddler; I hope you understand why it took so long to get back on track with my life.

When I was looking out for nail polishes, I wanted to give a try of this brand, but was in dilemma, one of my friends Divya who often uses Lotus nail polishes gave a positive feedback. I wanted Fairy Flare shade, however I couldn’t find it, so I picked up this Pink Flirt without even trying out or looking out for any swatches. But it turned out to be a pretty shade of pink.

While I was browsing, I searched if any swatch is available for Pink flirt shade, but I didn’t find one, so this made me write this post.

This shade will go along with any dress, and any age group can sport this nail colour, and tell me who doesn’t like pink.

Nail polish is medium consistency, which glides easily when applied with its long brush and gives a nice look even with one coat. Best part is, it dries quickly and has very faint smell.

Lotus Herbals claims that it is “Toulene and DBP free”.

Brand: Lotus Herbals

Net Qty: 7 ml

Shade: Pink Flirt

Instructions: Shake well, apply two coats, keep away from heat or flame.

Price: Rs. 120

Earlier when Lotus nail polishes splurged into market Qty was 8ml at the price of Rs. 95 and now its 7 ml for Rs. 120. Even the design of cap changed, now its more conical with ridges on it.

Below are the pictures of nails with single and double coats. Left is the one with single coat and right is the one with double coat.

Pink Flirt Nail Enamel single and double coat

 Below left one is day 3 pic, nail polish has started to chip and right one is day 6 pic.

Pink Flirt Nail Enamel single and double coat

I wish I could have picked up couple of more shades.

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