Tadasana and Postnatal Care

I was looking for exercises that I could do at home, being a mom of toddler I couldn’t take out time to go out and learn. I came across BKS Iyengar books on Yoga, BKS Iyengar is such a great and inspirational person. There is a book specifically written for Women “YOGA  a gem for Women” by his daughter Geeta S. Iyengar. This book has step by step instructions of all the asanas with pictures, as well as course curriculum with the asanas that need to be done each day of the week.

Course curriculum from the book “YOGA – a gem for Women”

First three months – Introductory course

First year – Elementary course

Second year – Intermediate course

Third year – Advanced course

Yoga Gem for life


Post pregnancy, I was suffering from urine incontinence and had put on lot of weight as well. Would you believe I was able to combat urine incontinence just by doing Tadasana? That’s amazing, I must say its a miracle asana. Basic asana itself has so much potential, what if one practices Yoga regularly, that’s gonna definitely give positive results. I guess that is the reason why many of the Yoga gurus had a lifetime of more than 90 years. And I am working towards losing weight.

Urine Incontinence:

It is likely to have a urine incontinence (or urine leakage) postpartum for about a year specially for women who had a vaginal birth compared to C section. And it might continue for some, even after one-year post delivery, but little less urine incontinence compared to first year.

urine incontinence is caused due to the wear and tear of pelvic floor muscles during vaginal birth, and episiotomy is a contributing factor as well for urine incontinence.


It is very important to strengthen pelvic floor muscles during prenatal as well as postnatal. Tadasana comes to the rescue of it.

Tadasana is basic standing asana, which corrects the posture defects, as well as strengthens pelvic floor muscles. I could see the difference just by doing it for 2 weeks. And also it is very important to consult doctor before starting any kind of exercise post pregnancy.

There are few links of Tadasana videos below,

John Schumacher Teaches Tadasana

Dr Geeta S. Iyengar – Tadasana


Happy Yoga!


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