Awesome Additional Uses of Flaxseed Gel

You might have come across Flaxseeds (also called linseeds) which are a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3. Flaxseed is a super food for overall health. It can be consumed as well as its gel can be used for hair and skin care.

See the post below by Divya on ’Awesome Additional Uses of Flaxseed Gel + Guest Blogger Intro!’ . That’s me in the post she is talking about, I am so delighted to see this post.

Sunitha Hair

“Have you ever had excess flaxseed gel in your fridge and wondered how to finish it off before it exceeds its shelf life?? I have for sure. Sometimes, I make huge batch of flaxseed hoping to wash my hair or style and restyle my hair more often but end up not using it much. By the end of two weeks, I find myself staring at a jar full of unused flaxseed which I know is gonna go down the drain and my heart aches… even though flaxseed gel doesn’t cost much, throwing away all that goodness is such a sad thing to do.

While discussing with my friend Sunitha about hair care, I ended up sharing the flaxseed recipe. She has a layered-lob (long bob!) and is a 2a wavy. She doesn’t really style her hair curly but is a natural hair care enthusiast. So she immediately ordered flaxseed and made the gel. As and when she tried more things with the flaxseed gel, the more excited I was to have shared the recipe with her.


Let me introduce her first!! Sunitha is a Software engineer by education and experience, currently into Data Management, mommy to a 20months old adorable baby boy. She is passionate about everything from gardening to cooking, hair care to skin care, living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding harsh chemicals as much as possible. She loves anything and everything ecofriendly. She can convert almost anything into a DIY project and find an awesome at home alternative to most hyped things out there. It is almost everyday that I am amazed, surprised and motivated by her instant and unique thought process and ideas. You tell her about one new thing and she will quickly process and add up 20 additional awesome things to do with the same! Well, that’s the core of this post! I promise you will be amazed that there was so much that you could do with Flaxseed Gel!! Excited much?!!

What more? She has recently started her own blog at My Mom My Passion where she has started sharing her passion for cooking, health, lifestyle and plans on sharing all the exciting new stuff we would love to read about…do follow her blog and keep visiting to check out what she has in store…she is just starting out, once she puts out even 1% of the potential she has…I am sure you will be as hooked as I am!

Now let’s talk about the hair and the flaxseed….

Sunitha’s hair properties:

Hair Type: 2a

Length and Density: a little above shoulder length and medium dense

Porosity: Low

Width: Normal

For now she doesn’t style her hair curly…reasons being that her hair is too short and curl pattern is too loose. She is on explore-mode on that one!

Now to the awesome Additional Uses of Flaxseed Gel (FSG) that she shared.. Apart from using it to style our hair by using as a hair gel, FSG can be used:

  • Along with Shampoo to wash hair: it gives great slip, conditions hair and boosts volume. It also prevents hair from getting very dry. I have tried using this along with my sulfate-free shampoo and it does give nice slip and helps in massaging and cleaning scalp more easily. it also adds tad bit of moisture to the skin. How Sunitha suggested was to water down the shampoo with FSG instead of Water and this tip is one of my go-to nowadays!!
  • As a moisturizing body wash: FSG can be uses not only for our hair but also for our body in the shower. you can easily skip your body wash and use this instead. It gives clean and moisturized skin. If your soap tends to dry out your skin, you can either replace it with this or follow it up with FSG wash.
  • As moisturizer for skin: You won’t believe! It works as an awesome moisturzier for our skin. Apply very lightly with a very light hand…mind the very lightly…apply a very thin layer just like applying oil…and NOT like the way we apply the gel to our hair. the wetness on applying dries pretty quickly and gives a smooth, nourished and moisturized skin. if you over-apply by chance or if it feels stretchy on drying, just wet your palm and run over it. Tada! you will be set.
  • As a Face Mask: FSG on its own can be used as a Face Mask. Just like we use egg white. I personally tried this one out. I applied it alone and also followed a face scrub with this pack. It works totally awesomely!! Gives face a clean, soft and supple feel…what else could we expect!!. I add aloe vera gel, a few drops of olive oil and a 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to my Flaxseed gel for hair. I used the same as a face mask and I am in L.O.V.E. with it!! :):) You should definitely give this a try!!
  • As a Hair Mask FSG can also be used as a Hair pack with other ingredients such curd, milk, oils or alone to condition and moisturize hair.

I fell in love once again with Flaxseed Gel and this just gave us many more reasons to make more FSG and use it all without wastage.


There are so many benefits of flaxseed gel, do share your experiences with flaxseed gel.

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