DIY Dhoti for Kids

This Janmastami, our day started with a visit to a nearby Krishna’s temple. Later in the evening we had a get together with friends and their families and enjoyed our festivities. Theme of the gathering was to recreate Brindavan and dress up as Radha/Gopikas and Krishna. Everyone dressed up well, especially kids were adorable. We all had a great time together.

I wore a saree in gujarati style and hubby in Kurta pyjama. And my kiddo ended up wearing a tee and short, he didn’t want to wear a dhoti, so I dint force him.

Here comes a DIY dhoti which is very easy to make and has comfort of a pant to wear.

Required Items:

  • Pant or Pull up
  • Dhupatta/any cloth with nice border of 1.5 or 2 metres length.
  • Needle and thread


  • Select a dhupatta and pant of similar colours.
  • Fold the dhupatta length wise and adjust to pant’s height.
  • Place the pant at the centre of dhupatta, leaving an inch at the top. Total height of the dhupatta must be more than pant’s length.
  • Tuck one inch of dhupatta on top at centre back waist line of pant and give a random stitch.

DIY Dhoti Step1

  • Now make pleats on the right side and secure them with clips. And give random stitches at couple of places leaving out the first pleat.
  • Now secure the pleats to centre of the pant and give a stitch together pant and pleats at the crotch of pant.

DIY Dhoti Step2

  • Pleat the left side of dhupatta horizontally and secure with clip. Give a random stitch so that pleats stay together.
  • Place the pleats in between legs of pant, near ankles.

DIY Dhoti Step3

  • Adjust cloth near waist and give a stitch at front waist line and near crotch .

DIY Dhoti Step4

  • Take the horizontal pleats, from centre of pant legs to back till waist. These pleats can be tucked in at back after wearing the pant.
  • Adjust the cloth at legs.
  • Remove all the clips. Hooray dhoti is ready to wear.

DIY Dhoti



  • Make pleats of  about 1 or 1 and 1/2 inches.
  • Give random stitches to secure dhoti in place, see to it that they are not visible.
  • Leave out bit more cloth at waist than the pant’s waist.

Dhoti Waist






How to wear

  • Make your kid wear like normal pant.
  • Adjust the length and tuck in the front pleats.
  • Tuck the one inch of cloth at top, all around the waist.
  • Adjust the back pleat and tuck in at centre of back waist line.

I couldn’t get a pic of my son with this dhoti, however I have featured last year pic with similar DIY Dhoti. We had dressed him up as Krishna then. Isn’t the dhoti cute? My son was 10 months old and we have used one meter cloth for that dhoti, it was a blouse piece of saree. Idea to stitch dhoti to pant was mine and implementation was done by my mom. Thanks mom for the great dhoti, because of you the photo shoot was successful last year.

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