Importance of Crawling Milestone in Babies

The other day I met a lady, a mother of cute little 14 months old baby girl. She was curious to know by what age my toddler started to walk and I replied “at around, when he was 1 yr. old”. I could feel she was upset, she was worried that her daughter is still not walking. Being a mom I know how hard it feels. There was silence for a while then I recollected that some time back I had met a person who was pursuing masters in psychology and one of her subjects was child psychology. During our casual chat she told, “I was happy when my kid started walking early, now I wish she had crawled for some more time. The more they crawl the more their brain develops”. I told the same thing to the mom of 14-month old baby, then there was a bright smile on her face.

The next day when I met her, she thanked me and told that she conveyed the same to her hubby and both were happy about it. That made me happy as well, all I did was that I told her something which was a fact.

Is your baby still not walking, are you worried about it?

Every kid is different, don’t stress yourself or your baby. Let your baby master skills at her/his own pace. If there is some progression from crawling to standing and walking, then there is nothing to worry about. You can always consult a doctor and tell about the progressions your baby is making and they would be happy to help you out.

Now cheer up, there are a whole lot of benefits of crawling, you will be amazed to know about them. At around 6 to 12 months babies start with commando crawl followed by crawling on all fours (hands and knees) and then stand and walk with support. And at around or after 12 months they start to walk without support, independent little toddlers.

Benefits of crawling:

  • Strengthens trunk.
  • Strengthens hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders, since babies support their body on hands. (non-crawlers are not as strong, and miss out opportunity to strengthen their upper body and might have weaker upper body muscles when they grow up)
  • Crawling helps arches and stretch out ligaments in the wrist and hand which are important for fine motor skills, the large joint at the base of the thumb is expanded into its full range of motion which helps them with good hold and writing with pencil later. Don’t worry if your baby is still not walking compared to his/her age kids, she is gonna have a beautiful handwriting. (on the other hand non crawlers may have messier handwriting).
  • Crawling enhances bilateral coordination – using arms and legs in reciprocal movements. This skill will help them in getting dressed, sports and to feed themselves. (non-crawlers may need more time to master reciprocal movements.)
  • Crawling helps visual skills and develop depth perception more quickly.
  • Crawling boosts left and right brain coordination. Yeah we learnt while in school that left part of brain controls right part of body and right brain controls left part of body. Babies crawl with right arm and left knee and left arm and right knee in a reciprocal movement, left and right body working together is nothing but both parts of brain working in coordination. Brain coordination and skills improve, which will help in concentration and memory.

PS: This post is not an intention to hurt anyone’s feeling, here I am talking about benefits of crawling infants compared to non-crawlers. This post is dedicated to all the moms who are worried that their kid is still not walking.

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  1. Neha Agrawal says: Reply

    Thanks dear for sharing this. It will really help lot of people who are experiencing stress due to the same .

    1. Happy to see your comment Neha. Hope it will help someone.

  2. This blog is so informative!! There are many people who face this situation. This post is surely helpful!!

    and your baby looks soooooooo cute in the pic!! :):)

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