RiShiFlax Liquid Soap – DIY Mild Shampoo with Ritha, Shikakai and Flaxseed Gel

When I was kid, it was a weekly ritual to make ritha shampoo on the day of hair wash. Specially during summer holidays, I used to help mom to crack the ritha shells, that was an exciting task to do as a kid. Feels so good to recollect childhood memories. I am excited again to share this RiShiFlax recipe. Isn’t that a cute name?

My mom has long, silky and black hair, though her age is above 60 years, 95% of her hair is still black, I wonder if ritha could be a contributing factor, along with her diet and genes.

Ritha: Ritha is a natural cleanser, and it’s pH is same as body sebum.  Ritha makes hair soft and shiny.

Shikakai: Shikakai is natural cleanser like Ritha with detangling properties for hair.

Flaxseeds: Flaxseeds are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which helps in providing shine and  elasticity to hair.


RiShi Powder: I have mixed together ritha and shikakai powders in 1:1 ratio, and I call it as RiShi powder in the post.

Items Required for Shampoo:

  • RiShi Powder: 1 table spoon
  • Flaxseed gel/aloevera gel: 2 table spoons ( DIY Flaxseed gel)
  • Cloth as strainer

Items Required for Hair Wash:

  • Squeeze bottle
  • Hair clip
  • Comb


  • Take a spoon full of RiShi powder and soak in about 6 ounces of water overnight. Let it brew, RiShi powder would sink to bottom and there will be clear liquid. (instead of soaking overnight, can be boiled for 5 to 10 min and rest it until RiShi powder sink to bottom)


  • Strain this liquid into squeeze bottle with the help of a cloth.
  • Pour the flaxseed gel into squeeze bottle with RiShi liquid, add a bit of warm water. Shake the bottle well.
  • We are going to work on dry hair, partition the hair from back and saturate whole hair with RiShiFlax liquid soap.
  • Comb hair so that RiShiFlax is distributed evenly.
  • Leave on for 5 min, massage your scalp and wash hair. Follow it up with conditioner.

This is very mild shampoo and pH of it is same as hair sebum. This works best on hair only with natural oils. It will not strip natural oils from hair.

The residue that is left after you filter RiShi liquid, can be used to scrub body.


  • This quantity is enough for my shoulder length hair, adjust the amount of RiShi powder, water and flaxseed gel depending on hair length.
  • Straining of RiShi liquid with cloth is important, if not there will be RiShi powder residue left on scalp, with residue you will end up itchy scalp, once the hair is dry. Use only cloth or coffee filter. I have tried with tea filter however still cannot filter liquid without residue.
  • If you don’t have a squeeze bottle, you can use any other bottle with narrow mouth.
  • If you shake bottle, you can see froth, but you won’t feel any lather when applied on scalp and hair, since this is all natural.
  • If you have applied oil, this will not remove the excess oil. I am working on recipe for hair wash with oil.

This is simple recipe where you don’t have to worry about boiling and storing. When travelling, you can just carry RiShi powder and Gel, travel friendly as well.

Stay tuned for RiShiFlax body wash…

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