DIY Normal Casserole to Roti Casserole

I guess everyone will have at least one casserole at home.  Due to the steam control system in casseroles, the food in it stays hot. However, when we store chapathis or dosas or idli etc., the bottom chapathi/dosa or idli becomes damp due to moisture, no one at home would prefer to have that last one.

Earlier I used place a tissue at the bottom of casserole, but sometimes it used to get stick to roti or dosa, etc.

 These days in the market we get casseroles with an inner basket, with this there is no dampness issue for the bottom chapathi.

Here is a quick DIY tip to convert your casserole, so that the last roti is not damp any more.

Required items:

  • Casserole
  • Bottom plate/ Grid of a pressure cooker


Just place the grid at the bottom of casserole and use regular casserole to store food and enjoy every bit of food without wasting. This was a tip by my mom. Thanks mom for the wonderful tip, you always inspire me.

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  1. Very useful tip

    1. Yes akka, thanks to mom.

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  2. Wow nice tip….thanks for sharing it 🙂

    1. Thanks Neha, hope it is helpful.

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