Garlic infused Sesame oil

Festive season all through the month of October this year. After Dussera celebrations its Diwali time.

Narka Chaturdashi which is a day before Diwali also called as choti Diwali. This is the day on which demon Narakasur was killed by Satyabama with the help of her husband Lord Krishna. To commemorate the success, Lord Krishna has smeared his forehead with Narakasur’s blood. It is said that on their return Lord Krishna was given body massage with oils and bath to wash off all the filthiness.

At our home, it has been a ritual since childhood to take abyangana/oil massage followed by bath. The massage includes whole body and head massage with garlic infused sesame oil. Even a drop of oil is put in ears to ward off ear infections.  Everyone would dress up in new clothes, and all the ladies of the family perform aarti to all the men at home. Best part is ladies would get nice gifts after aarti from men. And we would enjoy the festivities throughout the day, and get ready for the bombastic and dazzling Diwali following day.

I am always mesmerised by our Indian culture, how scientific principles have been part of our daily life since ages, and handed over from generation to generation as rituals. Diwali is the onset of extreme winter, and oil massage will help our skin to stay supple and moisturised, and protects us from skin related issues.


How to make Garlic infused sesame oil


  • Peeled garlic pods
  • Sesame oil


Take about one garlic pod for every table-spoon of oil. Heat the oil on low flame along with garlic pod. Let the oil heat until garlic starts to turn brown.

Switch off gas and let the oil cool down. Use luke warm oil for hair and skin.


Benefits of Garlic

  • Garlic is said to aid in hair regrowth or replenish lost hair and strengthen and condition existing hair.
  • Garlic is known for its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, and fights off many skin conditions.


Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil is one of the main oils used in Ayurveda. Sesame oil penetrates deep into skin layers compared with other oils.

  • Sesame oil when applied either to skin or hair penetrates deep in, as it has high penetration ability, thus it’s a boon for colored and damaged hair. Helps in reducing dandruff and soothes itchy scalp.
  • Spread a drop or two all over hair as leave-in for a shiny hair.
  • Moisturises skin, reduces blemishes and prevents wrinkles.
  • It is considered as mild natural sunscreen for skin and hair, it forms a protective layer on skin and hair.
  • Sesame oil is used for oil pulling or as a gargle, helps fight infections in mouth.
  • To prevent diaper rash in infants.


Benefits of Garlic infused Sesame oil

Along with the benefits listed above, there are few more benefits of garlic infused sesame oil.  Garlic and sesame both are wonderful ingredients for hair and skin, together they are super powerful oil for hair and skin.

  • Garlic-infused oil can be used as a growth-promoting hair salve, which aids in strengthening and conditioning of hair.
  • Prevents premature greying of hair.
  • Warm oil applied on chest relieves congestion.
  • Treats fungal and bacterial infections, dab some oil on infected area two to three times a day.
  • Relieves ear infections, sprinkle couple of drops of oil on a cotton ball and place it in the infected ear. 

I am in love with this oil, whenever I apply this oil for 2 hours or more before hair wash, I could skip conditioner. Feels so happy.

There are a whole lot of benefits, I have only mentioned few in this post. Sesame is best gift for winter skin. Welcome winter with soft and supple skin.