Cleanse and Tone Skin with Orange Rind Loofa

Feels great whenever I make use of something before it goes into the trash bin. Yes, you have guessed it right, it’s a DIY loofa for bathing, out of orange rind. Believe me its worth trying.

Orange rind is a good source of Vitamin C, and the acidic mane of our skin would love it. And we get the double effect of cleansing and toning of skin at one go. Time reduced by half and don’t even have to spend a penny, all you need is an orange peel.

Items Required:

  • Orange Rind- Peel of one orange
  • Wash Cloth


  • Place rind of an orange on wash cloth, cover the rind with cloth and tie a knot around it; take a wash cloth big enough to be able to tie a knot.
  • Now use this as a loofa and scrub whole body in circular motion.


  • Wash the fruit properly before peeling.
  • Prefer to use an organic orange.
  • Wet your body and then use loofa.
  • Use RiShiFlax soap or Flaxseed gel for loofa to glide smoothly.


That’s it, simple right. We can use peel of any citrus fruit for this.

Cherish your soft skin. Happy Bathing!

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