Less popular temple: Holy feet of Padmanabhaswamy at Thrippadapuram Temple, Kerala

I have been to this temple couple of times, it feels very pleasant in the temple premises.

It is said that the edifice that the Lord Padmanabha swamy assumed was of an extraordinarily large size and his holy feet were at Thrippadapuram.

The two main deities at this temple are Mahadeva(Shiva) and Shri Krishna, speciality of this temple is Lord Shiva and Krishna temples are in opposite direction and they face each other. It is said that Lord Shiva is in fierce state and Lord Krishna plays melodious flute to calm him down.

History of Thrippadapuram: Source: Wikipedia

Once upon a time there was a sage Vilvamangalathu Swamiyar, who resided near Ananthapuram Temple in Kasargod District, prayed to Lord Vishnu for his darshan or “auspicious sight”. The Lord is believed to have come in the guise of a little boy who was mischievous. The boy defiled the Idol which was kept for Puja. The sage became enraged at this and chased away the boy, who disappeared. After a long search, when he was walking on the banks of Arabian Sea, he heard a pulaya lady threatening her child that she would throw him in Ananthankadu. The moment the Swami heard the word Ananthankadu he was delighted. He proceeded to Ananthankadu based on the directions of the lady of whom he enquired. The Sage reached Ananthankadu searching for the boy. There he saw the boy merging into an Iluppa tree (Indian Butter Tree). The tree fell down and became Anantha Sayana Moorti (Vishnu reclining on the celestial snake Anantha). But the edifice that the Lord assumed was of an extraordinarily large size, with His head at Thiruvallom, navel at Thiruvananthapuram, and lotus-feet at Thrippadapuram (Thrippappur), making him some eight miles in length. The Sage requested the Lord to shrink to a smaller proportion that would be thrice the length of his staff. Immediately the Lord shrank to the form of the Idol that is seen at present in the Padanabhaswam Temple which is located near Trivandrum railway station.

Location: Thrippadapuram, Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum, Kerala

About Temple: There are two entrances for this temple premises. One we have descend steps the other is at ground level. And the area inside temple premises is not levelled; it has rocks in between little above ground level.

There is a small parking area and foot wear stand for free of cost also there is a small stall inside temple where one can buy ghee, incandescent sticks, etc.

Once you enter from ground level entrance, there is a temple at left with Lord Ganesha and lord Ayappa, as we move further one can see a small temple dedicated to Padmanabha swamy padam(holy feet). Once we move little further we will reach the centre of Temple premises, to the left is Mahadeva temple and to the right is Krishna Temple, there is a lot of open space in the temple premises. And the temple has a small pond adjacent to it.

Thripaddapura Kshetram is a place where Shiva and Keshava are worshipped, pay a visit to this place if you anytime happen to visit Trivandrum.

Have you visited any temples in Kerala, were you mesmerized with the temple architecture and temple festivals? Do let me know in your comments.

May everyone be showered with blessings of Lord:)

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