Get Rid Of Houseflies With Crystal Salt

It was last rainy season, I was trying to get rid of houseflies.  I have tried different tips, that were shared online. They did work, but only for a little amount of time.
My earlier maid has shared this tip about mopping floor with salt dissolved in water. I immediately tried it out, I have added table salt to the water to mop floor and there you go all flies were out of the house. I was so happy, however they were back in 10 min. I still continued to use it for whole monsoon last year.
And its rainy season again and flies are storming our house. This time I had a packet of crystal salt at home. I have asked my maid to add salt in water to mop floor. And guess what, my house is free of flies. Once in a while I see a fly here and there, that’s entirely fine with me.
How I use:
I add a table-spoon of crystal salt to half bucket of water and use this water to mop floor. It is not required to add any other floor cleaning liquid.  That’s all you need to do, to ward off flies and diseases that flies carry. I even use this salt water to clean kitchen surface. Salt is a natural disinfectant and very economical and you don’t have to buy floor cleaning liquids anymore.
Easily available.
And the major pro is, you will save the planet by reducing plastic containers.
Do share your tips on floor cleaning tips with natural ingredients.

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