Peanut Spice Powder

I have been planning of preparing Gun powder, peanut powder and others. Somehow did not get time to do. Neha one of my friends has ignited interest of these spice powders, the way she describes about the taste of the ingredients in it, one would definitely feel the taste. I prepared Gun powder, and it […]

Marble Cake – Eggless

Are you bored with having plain cake? You must try this marble cake. From the name of the cake, you might have guessed how the cake is gonna look. That’s right, cake is inspired from marble pattern, marble cakes are with streaked or mottled appearance. And every time we make this cake, the design of it is […]

Apple Sauce

Do you buy jams loaded with preservatives? Best alternative is apple sauce, kids will definitely love this and the recipe is so simple and quick. Apple sauce can be used as a bread spread, or itself as infant or toddler meal or in combination with cereal and in yogurt parfaits. Guess what, we can replace […]

Yogurt Parfait

I have started to incorporate yogurt as my mid-day meal. Yogurt parfait is a super food with fruit combination. This can be made in a jiffy, no hassles of cooking. All you need are yogurt and few pre cut seasonal fruits and spread them in layers in a glass. Check post on Healthy Skin with […]